All over the world, we are experiencing tension and unrest.

Impacted communities are suffering from illness, systemic racism, poverty, injustice, isolation, political strife and social inequities. There is unparalleled hurt, but also resolve to build a better world for ourselves and our children.

Outside of our direct service work, we at Anitya Doula Services are vocal allies and activists, speaking up for and shielding those suffering under the weight of oppression.

We offer more information below for those who want to get involved in organizations with whom we are proudly aligned.

Compassion & Choices

Psychedelic Services for End of Life Anxiety

The Center for Black Health & Equity

National Coalition for LGBT Health

American Association of People with Disabilities

Florida Health Justice Project

In our work with clients, we are humbly of service. We offer compassion and hold you and your loved ones in unconditional positive regard. 

We have seen how priorities shift, hearts open and minds reconsider during end of life. When we lower our defenses and begin to heal, we often reach our full potential. By modeling the respectful and loving behavior we wish to see in the world, we hold sacred space – even for those with opinions that differ from our own.

This work isn’t easy.

Our doula hearts are primed for this practice as we are welcomed into our clients’ most intimate moments. We cultivate reverence and deep respect for this privilege.