Our pre and post-death services include:

Companioning through the end-of-life journey

Visits between doula and client are important. Plan as many as needed. For emotional or spiritual support.

Writing your life story

Our doula, Catherine, has over 20 years of experience as a writer. Above all, her touching life stories bring comfort to loved ones for years into the future.

Writing obituaries, eulogies, posts

Catherine writes according to the client’s wishes. So please click here for obituary, eulogy, and post samples

Care coordination

For example, Catherine schedules visits and volunteers. This can be for grocery shopping, driving to appointments or cooking meals. She also shares information with the team to lessen the burden on her client.

Connecting client with appropriate local resources

Every community has pre and post-death services. For example, Catherine helps the client connect with attorneys, therapists, and more.  

Creating advance care directives

Catherine helps the client with end-of-life choices. Then she creates written directives or plans for those choices.

Planning funeral or memorial service

Catherine plans and attends services. This also makes sure everything is done according to the client’s wishes.

Funeral celebrant

Catherine is also trained and experienced in leading funerals or memorial services. Click here to read one client’s experience/recommendation.

Getting personal, spiritual and emotional affairs in order

For instance, she can help the client begin tender conversations with family. They can also connect with loved ones in any way that might bring about a peaceful death.

Coordinating visits between client and loved ones

Catherine also helps visitors feel comfortable. Above all, they share sacred and sometimes sad space together. Using humor and grace where appropriate.

Creating a legacy project

Catherine and her client create lasting gifts for loved ones. For example, this can be a recipe book, life story, time capsule, or letters.

Making the home or space calm/comfortable

Catherine supplies anything the client requests. Such as candles, essential oils, or soft music. This can also involve prayers or readings. Any rituals needed to help with the transition.

Guided imagery and meditation

She can help the client manage emotions. For instance, mindfulness and attention can help relieve near-death anxiety.


We support a client’s right to choose psychedelics for near-death anxiety. Unfortunately, this medicine is still illegal in most parts of the United States. Therefore, in the name of harm reduction, we offer trip-sitting services. This is in partnership with your therapist.

Bereavement care for friends and loved ones

In-person or virtual visits between Catherine and loved ones can provide comfort. Certainly this involves both up to and after death, as needed.

Doula services do not include:

  • Medical care
  • Legal advice
  • House cleaning/cooking
  • Will preparation
  • Hands-on care
  • Mental health counseling
  • Musical therapy
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