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1. Do I have to be in hospice or receive a serious diagnosis to use a death doula?

No. Some clients want to get their end-of-life plans in order before the end of their lives begin. So we encourage pre-planning. And we are happy to serve in that capacity.

2. Who insures your organization?

Our insurance is through CM&F Group, Inc. They provide Anitya Doula Services with comprehensive professional liability insurance.

3. Who vetted you?

Many clients welcome doulas into their homes and most private moments. Certainly, we recognize that this puts vulnerable people at risk.

Therefore, three organizations have carefully vetted us. This includes thorough criminal background checks and fingerprinting. It also includes our stellar driving records and excellent reference checks. These three respected organizations are:

4. Are you certified as an end-of-life doula?

Unfortunately, Illinois and Chicago do not certify death doulas. Nor do they regulate us. Therefore, it is up to the individual doula to seek out best practices.

As a result, our doula Catherine Durkin Robinson has completed the End-of-Life Doula Program at the University of Vermont. Anitya Doula Services also joins National End Of Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) and Catherine is credentialed as NEDA-Proficient.

5. Do you only serve clients in Chicago or Jamaica?

No. We are happy to serve clients anywhere. We travel and serve remotely.

6. What are your prices?

We operate on a sliding scale. Therefore, prices depend on the services you require, the time needed and your ability to pay. In short, we turn no one away.

If you have questions not found in our FAQs, reach out to us via email or phone call today.