My pricing is based on the services you choose, how much time you need, where you live, and your ability to pay. 

How Much Does a Death Doula Cost?

Insurance doesn’t cover death doula work. In the Lakeview East/Wrigleyville/North Halsted area of Chicago, my services generally cost $175 an hour with a two-hour minimum.  

I charge $50 for an initial consultation and if you decide to utilize my services, that amount is deducted from the initial package you select.

This charge for the initial consultation is because I spend about a half-hour of my time with you, during which the following will occur (some of which depends on your particular circumstances):

  • You will meet, via phone or video call, with me – an experienced end-of-life doula, educator, and consultant.
  • You will have the opportunity to explain your circumstances and needs.
  • I will provide you with a plan, pricing package, and contract directly applicable to your situation. 
  • I will inform you about the various options available to you. 
  • Your questions and/or concerns will be addressed. 
  • Along with end-of-life information, I will discuss options for your care team or loved ones and provide creative approaches to consider.

My consultation is designed to assist those who are looking for a death doula for themselves or loved ones. It can also assist those who simply seek 30 minutes with a qualified end-of-life doula to discuss their situation and make a plan of action. Our initial consultation can meet either of these goals, and more.

To schedule a consultation, click on the date and available times below: