Are you looking for a death doula in Chicago?

anitya [uh-nit-yuh] Sanskrit, अनित्य : (n) impermanence

Are you looking for a death doula in Chicago? Do you want to learn more about reducing end-of-life fears? Perhaps you need end-of-life support? Or are you simply interested in planning ahead?

When someone gets a serious or terminal diagnosis, they often don’t know where to turn. Certainly, they wonder what comes next. The resulting emotional turmoil can be overwhelming.

As a death doula service, we are available to assist and serve different needs, so you can focus on loved ones.

Anitya Doula Services serves as a death doula and death educator service in Chicago and everywhere. We do this privately and confidentially. In-person or remotely.

What does a doula do?

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Firstly, doulas offer non-medical, compassionate care. Often we serve those facing the end of life, partnering with support provided by other sources. For example, this support can include hospice, comfort care, and each client’s own network.

We understand common conditions and diseases. This includes pain management practices. Also, we understand the dying process and helpful ways to ease suffering. Above all, we provide unconditional positive regard and no judgments. We do this while engaging in open talks with clients.

Death doula services we provide in Chicago:

  • Educational programming for families, communities, houses of worship, and organizations
  • Writing your life story
  • Writing your obituary, eulogy, and social media posts
  • Creating advance care directives
  • Companioning through the end-of-life process
  • Care coordination
  • Pre-planning for a funeral or memorial service
  • Funeral celebrant
  • Connecting you with appropriate local resources
  • Qualified and reliable respite care
  • Coordinating visits between clients and loved ones
  • Guided imagery and meditation
  • Trip sitting

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Who do we serve?

We serve and welcome all.

In addition, Anitya Doula Services is proudly Jewish and anti-racist. We are also an ally organization to the historically underserved. For instance, this includes LGBTQ+, BIPOC, as well as Deaf and Disabled community members. Click here for more information about our doula advocacy