Are you looking for a death doula or transitional doula in Chicago?

anitya [uh-nit-yuh] Sanskrit, अनित्य : (n) impermanence

I support clients in transition, and their loved ones, in Chicago through advocacy, peer counseling, celebrant services, assisting with advance directives, psychedelic integration, sitting vigil, hosting community workshops, training care teams, and so much more.

What does a doula do?

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Death doulas offer non-medical, compassionate care for those facing the end of life, partnering with support provided by other sources like hospice, comfort care, and each client’s own network.

Transitional doulas do the same for people with life-limiting conditions. 

We understand common conditions and terminal diseases. This includes pain management practices. Also, we understand the dying process and helpful ways to ease spiritual and emotional suffering. Above all, we provide unconditional positive regard and no judgments. 

The transitional, death, or end-of-life doula services I provide in Chicago:

  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Guided meditation
  • Educational services for loved ones, care teams, communities, houses of worship, and organizations
  • Companionship
  • Peer counseling
  • Legacy work
  • Gender-affirming and patient-centered advocacy
  • Writing your obituary, eulogy, and social media posts
  • Creating advance care directives
  • Care coordination
  • Funeral celebrant
  • Connecting you with appropriate local resources
  • Qualified and reliable respite care
  • Coordinating visits between clients and loved ones
  • Trip sitting

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Your celebrant services were perfect. Just what the family wanted.”

“Thank you, Catherine! There has been so much life-affirming energy I’ve felt from this course of yours! I am so very grateful for this course and your amazing expertise… sharing so much support, knowledge and guidance. This class has been amazing in its power and potential. I wish we could just keep going! I am eager and hungry for more classes and more training!”

“We hired Catherine for my elderly aunt. She’s the best thing that happened to us this year.”

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Who do I serve?

I serve and welcome all.

In addition, Anitya Doula Services is proudly Jewish and anti-racist. This is an ally organization to the historically underserved including LGBTQ+, BIPOC, as well as Deaf community members. Click here for more information about doula advocacy

Face life with joy, and death with peace.