anitya [uh-nit-yuh] Sanskrit, अनित्य : (n) impermanence


When someone gets a terminal diagnosis, they often don’t know where to turn. They wonder what comes next. The emotional turmoil can be overwhelming. We are available to help take the pressure off of you, assist and serve with different end-of-life needs, so you can focus on your family and loved ones.

Anitya Doula Services serves and supports in Tampa Bay and everywhere. We do this privately and confidentially, in person or remotely.

What we do

We are prepared to offer non-medical, compassionate care to those facing the end-of-life, complementing the support provided by hospice, palliative care, and each client’s natural network.

We understand common terminal conditions and diseases, pain management practices, the active dying process, and helpful interventions to ease client suffering. We provide unconditional positive regard and nonjudgmental support while engaging in open dialog with clients. Click here to read about the services we offer.

Who we serve

We serve and welcome all.

Anitya Doula Services is proudly anti-racist and an ally organization to the historically underserved. Click here to learn more.