About Me

Catherine Durkin Robinson (she/her): Owner and End-of-Life Doula/Educator at Anitya Doula Services in Chicago.*

Death doulas come to this calling from a variety of backgrounds. Let me share with you the lens through which I view this work.

I was raised an Irish Catholic. In my twenties, I converted to Judaism. Currently, I am also a student of both Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. I travel the world learning about death traditions and rituals that can and do benefit my clients. 

I worked as a political organizer for progressive causes in Florida and nationwide for over thirty years. I continue advocating for medical aid in dying and decriminalizing psychedelics and other plant medicines. 

I also raised two sons, taught at the high school and college level, and wrote syndicated columns for Creative Loafing and The Tampa Tribune. I then led the worldwide movement for education equity at Step Up For Students.

In 2022, I relocated to the Lakeview East neighborhood in Chicago.

I hold a history and political science degree from the University of South Florida and graduated from The University of Vermont’s End-of-Life Doula Program.

I am a credentialed NEDA-Proficient member of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance. Additionally, I have logged over 100 volunteer hours with Seasons Hospice and LifePath Hospice. I also completed the LGBTQ+ Inclusive Training through Metro Inclusive Health, took intermediate ASL classes at The Chicago Hearing Center, and am a board member and educator at End of Life Psychedelic Care

Furthermore, I am the death doula/educator at the Diaspora Psychedelic Society in Jamaica and a private doula working in Chicago and the world at large.

You want me on your side. I’m an advocate, educator, and writer who encourages clients to embrace their agency and feel empowered to own their end-of-life experience.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, yoga, meditation, and running.

I am fully vaccinated, background-checked, and fingerprinted through Care.com, Seasons Hospice, and Renewable Memory Care.

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