Anitya Doula Services is available to serve you at many locations. Find us in:

Tampa Bay

This is where Catherine Durkin Robinson grew up, raised her children, and began death doula work. Her connections and network can benefit those at end of life, or those who want to prepare for it. She’s typically in Tampa from December through March/April every year. This is flexible and she’ll be in the area longer if/when needed. Contact us today.


Catherine Durkin Robinson is available to serve clients who need a death doula in Chicago, specifically the Boystown area, from March/April through November every year. This is flexible and she will stay in the area longer if/when needed.


Catherine is in Treasure Beach, Jamaica several times throughout the year. As Diaspora Psychedelic Society’s death doula, she leads psychedelic retreats for those with near-death anxiety.


If you’re not in any of the above locations, don’t let that stop you. Catherine is available 24/7 for anyone in the world via Zoom. Contact us today.